Find your investment profile

To make the right investment decisions, you must first know your investment profile. This is how you will select your investments based on your needs and expectations, and the risk you are willing to assume. Take a short, simple quiz to find out your investment profile and view mutual fund model portfolios.

Choose investments that match your needs and objectives

Be sure to consider every parameter to find out your investment profile: Ultra-conservative, Conservative, Balanced, Bold.
Objectives and expectations
Think about what you expect from your investments: securing your capital, generating income, getting returns.
Investment horizon
Specify how long you want your investment to last.
Risk tolerance
Determine what level of risk you are willing to assume.
Financial planning
Think about whether and when you may need the money you invest.

Investment profile quiz

Answer 5 simple questions to find out your investment profile. We will explain what your profile means and accordingly present some model portfolios

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The quiz is designed for practice purposes only. In no case should it be considered part of an actual investment plan. Before making any decision, we suggest that you talk to one of our investment experts. Quiz results are an approximation. They are solely based on the information you fill in and on theoretical assumptions. All the portfolios presented here are examples.


How can I invest in Alpha mutual funds?

Visit the Alpha Bank branch of your choice.

If you already bank with Alpha Bank:

  1. Find information on the mutual fund you want to invest through the Key Investor Information Document (KIID).
  2. Open a joint or individual trading account and choose the deposit account to be linked to it.
  3. Submit an application to participate in a mutual fund. Your linked bank account will be charged with the gross investment amount (invested capital + entry fees).

If you do not bank with Alpha Bank just yet, you must first open a deposit account as per the relevant bank procedure.

How can I keep track of my investment?


  • Using myAlpha Web. You only need to add your investments to your Products.
  • Using the Daily price bulletin. Multiply the number of units that you own by the NAV.

Every month you receive an email detailing all your investment information. You simply need to opt for online updates when you open your trading account or request to have your settings changed later on.

Every six months you receive a statement detailing the activity in your trading account, mailed to your home address. You simply need to opt for hard-copy updates when you open your trading account.