Invest for your future

It is never too early to start creating capital that you will need in the future. Whether it is the children’s college fund or an ambitious purchase, small but regular payments can go a long way towards making a dream come true. Use our interactive tool to try out different scenarios and find out what amount you should invest, and how often you should invest it to achieve your target.

Make the most of the regular payments strategy

Small but regular payments will allow you to plan ahead for your future needs and reach your goals with a fraction of the effort.
Financial planning
It is never too early to plan ahead for future personal or family needs.
Small regular payments
You can still benefit from investing even if you only have a small capital to invest.
Smooth fluctuations
Investments are made at different intervals, i.e. at different prices, too. Therefore, market fluctuations are mitigated and risk is limited.
Improved returns
An ideal strategy for better long-time returns, compared to higher-risk investments.

Choose the route that best matches your needs


The regular payment calculator tool is designed for practice purposes only. In no case should it be considered part of an actual investment plan. Before making any decision, we suggest that you talk to one of our investment experts. The results produced by the tool are an approximation. They are solely based on the information you fill in and on theoretical assumptions. All the portfolios presented here are examples.