Fund Facts

NAV (20.06.2024)
Total assets (20.06.2024)
YTD return
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Risk Profile

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What it invests in

Portfolio mix

The Alpha Bancassurance EE108 Structured Fund has entered into Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives contracts. It also invests in a diversified portfolio of bonds, money market instruments and other securities.

Investment objective

•    For the period until 24.07.2029, it intends to offer a yield calculated as 80% of the return on equity index «iSTOXX Global Healthcare ESG Exclusions Select 30 Net Return Decrement 5% EUR»  if it appears positive, while in case of a negative return of the Index, it intends to offer capital protection. The above return will be incorporated into the Fund on 24.07.2029. 
•    From 24.07.2029 to 24.07.2034, the Fund's performance will be based on money market instruments and/or bonds returns during this period.

These performances apply to shareholders who purchased their shares on 24.07.2024 and will keep their investment until 24.07.2034. If the shares are redeemed before 24.07.2034, the shareholders may incur substantial capital loss.

Who it is intended for

To investors:

  • With a long-term investment horizon of 10 years.
  •  Who wish to achieve capital preservation, income generation and capital gains by investing in a portfolio of bonds, money market instruments and other securities as well as in one or more "Swap Contracts" with underlying exposure to a global health sector equity benchmark.



How to invest

Purchasing shares

To invest in the Alpha Bancassurance EE108 Structured Fund, visit the Alpha Bank branch of your choice.

Find out how in our Investor guide.

Redeeming shares

You may redeem your shares on any business day. Τhe funds will be accessible in your account 3 business days following the transaction.

Find out about the entry and redemption fees (only available in Greek)

Get daily updates on the share NAV through the Daily price bulletin.

Monitoring your investment

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  • Daily, using myAlpha Web. Just ensure you've added your investments to your Products.
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