Fund Facts

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Risk Profile

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What it invests in

Portfolio mix

The Alpha Global Allocation Balanced Classic Fund invests in large-cap stocks listed on international exchanges, mainly in developed countries, in euro-denominated bonds issued by companies, governments or authorities and bodies related to governments, and money market instruments and deposits with credit institutions.

Its portfolio focuses on investment grade debt instruments, with the exception of potential exposure to Greek debt instruments.

Investment objective

Achieving a total return through capital appreciation and income generation over the medium and long run.

What the benchmark is

The Alpha Global Allocation Balanced Classic fund uses a composite benchmark consisting of 4 separate indices:

  •  50% S&P Global 100 Capped Price Return USD Index
  •  40% Bloomberg Euro Aggregate Bond Total Return Index
  •   5% Refinitiv/CoreCommodity CRB Excess Return USD Index
  •   5% Barclays Benchmark Overnight EUR Cash Index (since 21.03.2022)

The indices are used for the purpose of comparing performance. Therefore, they do not affect the active management of the mutual fund, which complies with the fund’s investment policy. As a result, the mutual fund portfolio structure and performance may significantly differ from the benchmark.

Who it is intended for

To investors:

  • With a mid- to long-term investment horizon of 4 years.
  • With a moderate investment profile.
  • Who wish to invest in a diversified asset allocation portfolio, mainly in international markets.

How to invest

Purchasing shares

To invest in the Alpha Global Allocation Balanced Classic Fund, visit the Alpha Bank branch of your choice.

Find out how in our Investor guide.

Redeeming shares

You may redeem your shares on any business day. Τhe funds will be accessible in your account 3 business days following the transaction.

Find out about the entry and redemption fees (only available in Greek)

Get daily updates on the share NAV through the Daily price bulletin.

Monitoring your investment

Monitor the performance of the funds you have invested in:

  • Daily, using myAlpha Web. Just ensure you've added your investments to your Products.
  • Monthly, you'll receive a comprehensive email containing all your investment details. When setting up your trading account, you can easily opt for online updates or request to modify your settings later.


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