George Markou

Finance Manager

George Markou is the Finance Manager of the financial pillar of the Alpha Bank Group subsidiaries since October 2018. The subsidiaries include Alpha Asset Management MFMC, Alpha Finance AXEPEY, Alpha Ventures, Alpha Ventures Capital Management and Alpha International Holding SMSA among others.

He embarked on his professional career in the auditing firm KPMG (2005-2018), where he held the position of Senior Manager of the Audit Division, specialising in finance, manufacturing and shipping. During his career he has served as a member on various committees with an emphasis on accounting and tax issues.

He holds an MSc in International Economics, Finance and Development from the University of Surrey, UK, and a degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus. He has also completed the postgraduate programme of the Institute of Certified Auditors in Greece and holds the title of Certified Auditor since 2013.