FAQs about your investments in Alpha mutual funds

Do you have questions about Alpha mutual funds? Find out about our processes and learn how to invest in our mutual funds.

I am a US citizen. Can I invest in mutual funds?  

No, you cannot invest in mutual funds managed by Alpha Asset Management MFMC in Greece.

How can I invest in Alpha mutual funds?

Visit the Alpha Bank branch of your choice.

If you already bank with Alpha Bank:

  1. Find information on the mutual fund you want to invest through the Key Investor Information Document (KIID).
  2. Open a joint or individual trading account and choose the deposit account to be linked to it.
  3. Submit an application to participate in a mutual fund. Your linked bank account will be charged with the gross investment amount (invested capital + entry fees).

If you do not bank with Alpha Bank just yet, you must first open a deposit account as per the relevant bank procedure.

How can I redeem my units?

Apply to redeem your entire investment or a part of it at the Alpha Bank branch of your choice.

The amount is credited to your bank account within 1-4 working days, depending on the mutual fund.

Can I trade in mutual funds using myAlpha Web?

The service is available only for Alpha Bank Gold Personal Banking and Alpha Private Banking clients. For more information please contact 210 3265000 or 210 3267000 accordingly.

What fees do I have to pay to invest in mutual funds?

You pay 2 fees:

  • An entry fee when you make the investment.
  • A redemption fee when you apply to redeem your units.

Find out about the entry and redemption fees, (only available in Greek) on Alpha mutual funds.

You can also view the fees in the fact sheet for each mutual fund.

Is there a minimum initial investment requirement?

No. You may invest any amount.

What is the Alpha Create programme?

Through this programme, you can invest in mutual funds by making regular payments.

You may choose:

  • The mutual funds you want to invest in.
  • Your regular payment amount, which must be at least €50.
  • Your payment intervals, i.e. every 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months. Your deposit account will be charged on the 10th, 20th or 30th of the chosen month.

You pay no entry or redemption fees.

Find out how you can invest for the future by making regular payments.

What is a performance fee?

A benchmark is set for some mutual funds, and their performance is compared to that benchmark.

When the return on a mutual fund is in excess of the benchmark, the fund is considered to outperform.

In such cases, outperformance is shared as follows:

  • 80% goes to the investor.
  • 20% goes to Alpha Asset Management MFMC as a reward for achieving excess returns.

Performance fees are integrated into the net value of the mutual fund and calculated on a daily basis.

This gives the mutual fund managing company the motivation to constantly try and achieve higher returns.

What is the difference between Classic and Institutional mutual funds?

These types of funds are addressed to different types of investors.


  • Suitable for all investors.


  • Suitable for institutional investors (credit institutions, insurance and pension funds, insurance companies, UCITS, etc.).
  • Suitable for trading providers (credit institutions, investment firms, MFMCs, etc.) acting on behalf of investors to whom they provide portfolio management services under contract.