FAQs about the management of your trading account

Do you have questions about your trading account? To make investing easier for you, we have put together a list of the questions asked most frequently by our customers.

How can I track my investment?


  • Using myAlpha Web. You only need to add your investments to your Products.
  • Using the Daily Price Bulletin. Multiply the number of units that you own by the NAV.

Every month you receive an email detailing all your investment information. You simply need to opt for online updates when you open your trading account or request to have your settings changed later on.

Every six months you receive a statement detailing the activity in your trading account, mailed to your home address. You simply need to opt for hard-copy updates when you open your trading account.

Can I change the account holders of my trading account?

No. If you need to have more or fewer account holders in a trading account, you must close the existing account and open a new one. In that case, your investment will be transferred to the new account free of charge.

Visit the Alpha Bank branch closest to you and open your new trading account. You will need to carry some identification documents (ID card, proof of VAT) for all account holders.

What is a redemption certificate?  

The certificate issued to you when you redeem mutual fund units. It details the profits or losses arising from your investment (acquisition price – redemption price). Any capital gains are exempt from tax.

How can I change the home address on my trading account?

You can change your home address at any Alpha Bank branch as long as you carry proof of identity.

I do not wish to receive paper notifications about my trading account. What should I do?

We are under obligation to inform you about your investment at regular intervals, at least every 6 months.

However, you may opt to receive notifications via email only, as opposed to paper notifications.

Visit the Alpha Bank branch closest to you and ask to receive email notifications only. You will need to carry some proof of identity.