Fund Facts

NAV (11.04.2024)
Total assets (11.04.2024)
YTD return
Inception date

Risk Profile

Lower risk
Higher risk
Lower expected return
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What it invests in

Portfolio mix

The Alpha ETF FTSE Athex Large Cap Equity UCITS invests at least 95% of its net assets in equities included in the FTSE®/Athex Large Cap index and in derivative financial instruments with underlying:

•    The index.
•    The equities included in the index.
•    Other indices with high correlation to the index.

Investment objective

Replicating the returns, both positive and negative, of the FTSE®/Athex Large Cap index. 

What the benchmark is

The FTSE®/Athex Large Cap Index is the benchmark for the Alpha ETF FTSE Athex Large Cap Equity UCITS. FTSE®/Athex Large Cap Index is a price return index, i.e. its performance considers only the price movements of the constituents that make up the index and does not include dividends or other income paid by its constituents.

The fund fully replicates the index structure. It includes the top 25 large-cap stocks listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

ETF's Assets / Composition

Who it is intended for

To investors:

  • With a long-term investment horizon of 6 years.
  • With an aggressive investment profile.
  • Who seek a diversified exposure to the Greek equity market, in a flexible manner and at a low cost.

How to invest

Purchasing shares

To invest in the Alpha ETF FTSE Athex Large Cap Equity UCITS, you have several options:

  • Visit a nearby Alpha Bank branch. 
  • Utilize the services of any brokerage company. 
  • Access any online trading platform.

For further details, please contact us at +30 210 343 6571-2 or send an email to .

Selling shares 

You may sell your shares on any business day. Τhe funds will be accessible in your account 2 business days following the transaction.

Find out about the entry and redemption fees (only available in Greek)

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